The Bloodhound

The Bloodhound breed.

The Bloodhound originally comes from Europe having been first developed in France and Belgium around the twelfth century by the St Hubert’s Monks, Bloodhounds are some times reffed to as the St Hubert Hound. Back in the Twelfth century these magnificent dogs were highly regarded by the Monks for there endurance, stamina and intelligence. During the fourteenth century, the dog breed was renamed from Chien St Hubert to Bloodhound, as they are know today. The name Bloodhound was infarct bestowed upon this breed in recognition of the pure bloodlines of these dogs. Bloodhounds since have worked along side man in different capacities using there in built talent for tracking through any enthronement over many miles if required.

Bloodhounds have been described as a “Dog attached to a nose”

First indications of Bloodhounds in the UK come in the history books in around the thirteenth century but the breeds entry to the UK may well have been earlier than that. Blood hounds seen in England around this time are known to be direct descendants of the hounds kept by the Monks of St Hubert’s that were bred in Belgium in the early twelth century.

Bloodhound’s are so named because of their ancient pure bloodlines.

Many legends exist around the Bloodhound dogs and one such is that a pack of Bloodhounds was used to track Robert the Bruce and William Wallace to their ultimate demise at the hands of the English soldiers. Blood Hounds are highly skilled at tracking a pry item be it a man, animal or even an object. If it has a scent these dogs will find it.

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