Rescue a Bloodhound

Do you want to give a Bloodhound a home.

Rescuing a Bloodhound is not always an easy option but it can be the most rewarding for both you and the dog. you need to think about taking on a family member that may or may not come with some issues and that time spent with your new family member will help them find a place within your family pack. Of course all of the above will come with a high degree of help and support from us and without doubt the rewards for you family pack and your Bloodhound friend are too many to mention.

We care deeply about our breed and their welfare so will ensure that rescue hound are matched with families or individuals that offer the best fit for both.

If you wish to be considered by Bloodhound Rescue UK to adopt or foster one of our rescue hounds when available please fill out the prospective adoption form and send it back to us with a covering email and your telephone number.

Adopting a Bloodhound is a large commitment and should be carefully considered, our team will be happy to discuss this with you.

“Its all about the dogs”