About Bloodhound Rescue

Bloodhound Rescue and Support.

BRS is an organisation set up to assist in support of UK Bloodhound owners, prospective UK Bloodhound owners, rescue of UK Bloodhounds, re homing, fostering and assisting this noble breed of dog in every corner of the UK.

Our remit is to assist pure bred Bloodhounds and there owners in the UK be it re homing a hound, arranging fostering or may be an owner becomes ill and needs help to continue to look after their hound.

We also provide support and advice to existing and prospective UK bloodhound owners through our expert and knowledgeable leadership team who are among the top breeders in this country.

​BRS has a dedicated rescue kennels in place with 3 acres of running space and task specific transport vehicles for instances when hound rescue or fostering is required. BRS has veterinarians on call used to dealing with the Bloodhound breed when required prior to passing the rescues to their for ever homes.

So if you need help and support or know of a Bloodhound that needs our assistance please contact our A-TEAM